Adventure Overnight Week

Adventure Overnight Week for Boys and Girls 2nd through 5th Grade

Coed since 2017 – we are ready to accept the girls who will be joining Cub Scouts this year!

Get ready for outdoor excitement and great adventures as you pack for Camp Resolute.  Enjoy the wilderness as you go on hikes, perfect your skills with bow and arrow, revel in the outdoors and test yourself against others in some of the many planned activities.  There is plenty of fun to be had down at the old swimmin’ hole while you cool off from the day’s exertions.  Learn new camping skills, use tools to make your own creations, and join in the skits and songs at the campfire after dinner. Activities focus on those that are age appropriate.

Camp Resolute offers beautiful surroundings, convenient location and well-trained staff which makes for an incredible camp experience.

The program for each day is broken down into different activity times.   Most of the day consists of five activity areas: Nature, Scoutcraft, Field Sports, Shooting Sports and Handicraft.  In the nature area, campers are able to learn about nature and explore the wilderness that surrounds them.   In Scoutcraft, campers will learn valuable camping skills such as wilderness survival and first aid.   In field sports, the campers will challenge themselves in various sporting activities, as well as play some camp -wide games and the Apache Relay.   In handicraft, the campers will work with tools and their imaginations to create projects that they can keep and use. In shooting sports, campers will perfect their marksmanship with the bow and arrow as well as BBs. The fun doesn’t stop after dinner.  The evening will always contain a memorable program for the campers.

The program at Camp Resolute will give the campers a quality outdoor experience which they will remember for a lifetime.

Sign up now for this great program then invite a buddy to come along too and you both can share a tent!  Adventure Overnight Week is conducted at  beautiful Camp Resolute in the E. Paul Robsham Scout Reservation in Bolton, Massachusetts.

Adventure Plus – Make it a full week!

Adventure Plus include the four days of superb program at Camp Resolute and two days of fun at Adventure Day Camp. A full week of fun for just $100 more!