FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about Adventure Overnight Week.

What type of leadership is provided?

Campsites will have a minimum of two leaders at all times during their week in camp. “Two deep leadership” is not only a requirement of National BSA, it makes sense as it provides for continued campsite leadership should it become necessary for one leader to address an “emergency” situation. National requirements state that one adult must be 21 years of age or older, and additional leaders must be at least 18. Anyone planning to spend the night must have a current health form on file in the Health Lodge and have cleared a CORI background check prior to their arrival at camp.
The camp staff is an experienced group of Scouts and Scouters who choose to give back to Scouting what Scouting has given them. They provide a summer camp residential program for 5 weeks of Scout camp. An Area Director hired by the Camp Administration because of their experience and expertise directs every program area. There is an on-site health facility staffed with a health officer. All applicable staff has been trained at the National Camping School run by the Boy Scouts of America and all camp policies follow the national guidelines.

At what time and how do we check-in?

Campers assemble in the camp parking lot at 1:00 PM. on Sunday. The camp gate will remain closed until 1:00 to give the staff time to prepare for your arrival. Vehicles should be parked in the designated parking areas only.

Do we need to provide a medical form?

Every Scout and Adult staying in camp must have a BSA Health and Medical Record filled out completely and signed by a doctor. This form must be brought to camp on the first day (DO NOT mail it to camp). The medical form no longer allows attaching another physical exam (ie: sports physical) to the BSA medical form. The physician’s signature must be on the BSA form to be valid. There are absolutely no exceptions to this requirement. These forms must be retained by camp, so keep a copy at home for use at other activities. Please make certain that both the parent’s signatures and physician’s signature sections are filled out. Webelos who must take medication while at camp must also have their parent complete an authorization to administer medication form.

Upon arrival in camp, the Camp Health Officer will review the information on your son’s form with you and collect any medications he has brought. All medications must be in their original containers with a valid/current prescription label that bears the name of the drug, the dosages, the name of the prescribing physician, and the name of the individual for whom the drug was prescribed. This information must also be on the BSA Health and Medical Record. Containers with more than one drug, or which are marked, or which do not have a valid label will NOT be accepted. The Camp Health Officer will dispense medications at the prescribed times.

When is visitor's day and the family bbq?

We wish to invite families to join us for Wednesday’s closing activities. Wednesday evening is for parents and visitors. Parents and visitors (please leave pets at home) are invited to the camp after 4:00 p.m. to share the Wednesday evening closing activities with their campers. This is where your son gets a chance to show off some of the songs he has learned during the week and receive some hard earned recognition for his or his campsite’s efforts. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Trading Post on Sunday during Check-In. Campers and volunteers in camp are free. All parents are encouraged to attend as your camper will be glad to see you and share his experiences of the week with you.

Are photos available?

A photo of your camper’s Den is a great souvenir of camp! A color 8″ x 10″ photo is included with your online registration.

Does my Camper need to bring a uniform?

It is strongly suggested that the Official Scout Shirt be worn by all Campers and adults during the evening meal, flag ceremonies, formal retreats, and den photographs. Scout shorts or pants are also suggested. Campers should leave at home their colors, pins, or other items, which can easily be lost or mixed up with those of someone else. No camper will be denied summer camp due to lack of uniform. Many of our campers are not registered with the Boy Scouts.  During the day, campers should wear light-weight shirts and shorts and/or bathing suits as the weather dictates. Uniforms are not required for daytime activities.

How is the program structured?

Each Camper is assigned to a den. During the day the Den’s tour the camp in search of adventure in the Program Areas. Each program area has activities planned with their targets on fun and some on advancement for the Cub and Webelos Adventures.

Can I send my camper mail?

While your camper is at camp, you can send him/her mail by writing to the following address:
Camper’s Name/Campsite Camp Resolute 75 Hudson Road Bolton, MA 01740
Note: To ensure that your camper gets his or her mail before they leave, send it before they arrive at camp!

Is there a trading post my camper can visit?

Camp Resolute maintains a well-stocked camp store to serve everyone who is staying, or just visiting, in camp. Items include Scout literature, camp T-shirts, patches, mugs, cold drinks, snacks, and toiletries

Does my camper need to bring money to camp?

A modest amount of spending money may be left for your camper to use at the Trading Post during the week. The amount of money you send to camp with your camper is an individual matter between you and your son.

Are pocket knives allowed at AOW?

Pocket knives are a part of Scouting and an important tool for use in the outdoors. However, it is very important that campers be taught to use and handle them safely and properly. To accomplish this objective we have implemented the following pocket knife policy and training program:

All knives will be collected at registration. Parents will be asked to remind their campers about the importance of using pocket knives properly and in following the rules of camp. Any pocket knife found in a campers possession, which was not collected during registration, will be taken from the Scout and returned per discretion of the campsite leader. A pocket knife handling and safety clinic will be held in the Scoutcraft area on Monday after which the Scout may use the knife during supervised activities only. After that, the knife will be taken away from any camper who misuses or mishandles the knife, at the discretion of the campsite leader(s).

What is AOW Plus?

AOW Plus includes the four days at Adventure Overnight Week, August 5-8, and two days at Adventure Day Camp, August 9 & 10. A full week of programs for your camper for only $100 more! If your camper will be participating in AOW Plus optional bus transportation  or extended day program are available for a nominal fee for the two days at Adventure Day Camp. Please click here to see available bus stops. Please note that there is no bus service on Friday afternoon because of the family bbq & campfire.