Earn more Merit Badges!

Parents often ask – “what’s next for my camper?” when the finish the 5th grade.¬† So we are pleased to announce that our launch of day camp for 6th-8th graders at Adventure Day Camp was a huge success! ¬†While we strongly recommend that boys attend a week long residential camp with their troop or as a provisional camper at Resolute, we are happy to offer more opportunities for you to earn more merit badges and participate in our 1st year camper program “Resolute Recruits”.

This program is also ideal for LDS 11 year old scouts to get a jump on earning merit badges!


  1. Lynne Slade

    For the resolute recruits, if I have an 11 year old new Scout. He is not in your council. He is in Bolton. Can he still earn any merit badges or do you have to earn through your own council? If so, how many can he earn? I’m talking about the day camp, not overnight Thank you for any info you have.

    • yes he can – scouts can attend any camp they choose and still earn Merit Badges. We regularly have troops and individual scouts who attend camp at Camp Resolute. He will receive a printed report of the badge work he completed by the end of the summer that can be turned into the troop. We use these printed reports instead of a blue card. Campers can earn up to 3 merit badges (if they chose all single period badges), plus attend Resolute Recruits for the 1st year scout skills.

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