Minute Cub Muster

Minute Cub Muster

A Cub Scout MinuteCub Muster centers on colonial life, Minutemen, patriotism, fun and the American Revolution.  There are numerous activities, songs, music and discovery making this an event suitable for the entire Cub Scout family.  The MinuteCub Muster anticipates over 2,000 Cub Scouts, 100 Boy Scout assistants and 500 BSA Leaders from across New England.  Reservations are secured by payment and should be made early as this event is expected to sell out.

Use the drop down above to see registration fee and instructions.   This is a family event.  Saturday evening camping is available at Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury and Camp Resolute in Bolton.

The PROMO VIDEO offers a great presentation on the MinuteCub Muster


Each Cub or recruit will sign a parchment sheet, mustering into a regiment of the MinuteCubs town. The MinuteCub will be issued a booklet with questions, maps, puzzles and other items to complete at the event. These items highlight various events, places and people during the American Revolution, and the founding of our country.

Highlights include

  • Gunsmith, farmers, joiner and chair maker
  • Customize your tricorn hat during registration
  • Colonial Village Center with miller, seamstress, lace maker and pottery making
  • Learn the manual of arms with Marching
  • Review surgery options and see the surgeons tools
  • Tour a British and Colonial Encampment with soap making and candlestick making
  • Meet a blacksmith and a cooper
  • Work with a tin monger
  • Who were the Minutemen and what did they do for work?
  • Skirmish and tactics between the Minutemen and the British Infantry
  • Conversations with Minutemen, French Regulars, British, Colonial Regulars and others
  • Meet dragoons and learn about horses
  • Tomahawk throwing plus “retreating” with no sound
  • Work with a joiner and cobbler
  • Meet George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and other Patriots
  • Various fife and drums, violins, songs. Plus contra dancing for adults
  • Review Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Trenton, Monmouth and Yorktown
  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”
  • Take part in border skirmishes, known as a “very large” FOOD FIGHT